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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Melissa George Interview: 'Sunday Night' VIDEO

Melissa George is set to break her silence over her broken relationship and her attempt to escape France, the country she has been living in for the past few years, with her young children.

After revelations published exclusively by News Corp, Channel 7’s 'Sunday Night' program will feature the actress in an interview, a “tell all” about allegedly being trapped in Paris.

The promo posted to social media carry the claims: “She has been assaulted, hospitalised, threatened with kidnapping charges and forced to abandon her career.”
Melissa says: “I’ve been hit, I’ve been in a fight, I’ve got my babies”.
Here is a photo posted on the Instagram page of the interviewer for this story on Melissa, Steve Pennells:
'Sunday Night' will screen this Sunday at 8.30pm

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Robert Kelly BBC Korea expert reveals ‘comedy of errors’: VIDEO Interview

In their first interview, Korea expert Robert Kelly and his wife Kim Jung-A describe the circumstances, the chaos, and the worldwide reaction to their now viral home-office Skype catastrophe. He says his daughter was 'in a hippity-hoppity mood.’

Here is that interview:

Says the YouTube description:

In their first interview since their children interrupted a live BBC segment on Korean affairs, college professor Robert Kelly and his wife Kim Jung-A spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the circumstances, the chaos, and the global reaction to the now-legendary slapstick video. Photo: Miho Inada/The Wall Street Journal

Monday, 13 March 2017

'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' WINNER 2017 Australia

The 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' winner has just been announced for 2017, for the Australian edition.

Did you pick it?

It was down to the final three: Casey Donovan, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and Dane Swan.

And...it was Casey Donovan!

Congratulations Casey Donovan, our first-ever Queen of the Jungle! #QueenCasey

Friday, 10 March 2017

Westfield Parramatta: #WestfieldFamily Exhibition PHOTOS

I am a proud Westie girl from way back (and still proudly live in the region with my family), and a huge supporter of all things Parramatta, having enjoyed watching its growth over the years, the development of the restaurant strip, and the refurbishments across the decades of the shopping mecca that is Westfield Parramatta - catching a train there when I couldn't drive yet, and still going there today for friend catch ups / shopping sprees.

So it was very cool to see Westfield Parramatta celebrate fashion for all generations, unveiling a photo exhibition that will be displayed in centre court until March 12, 2017, as part of their AW17 Campaign.

The campaign honours local identities from the Parramatta and surrounding areas such as event extraordinaire’s Diane Khoury and Jason James, Instagram sensations Natalie Anne (hairstylist) and Melissa Sassine (make up), media personality Sally Obermeder (her first job was at Sussan's Westfield Parramatta store), amongst a host of other local identities from Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

The exhibition was shot by renowned celebrity photographer Steven Chee (best known for his work with Vogue, Harpers and Celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Erika Packer, Rose Byrne, Hailey Baldwinwith make up by celebrity makeup artist Max May.

Here are some social photos from last night's launch and some portraits on Parramatta's beautiful people.



Monday, 6 March 2017

'The Real Housewives of Sydney' EPISODE 1, FULL VIDEO

Want to get on 'The Real Housewives of Sydney' bandwagon, or at least understand what all the fuss is about?

Here is a link to see ALL of episode one right here:


Says the program description:

Meet The Real Housewives of Sydney as this season begins with the first meeting of our vivacious cast. Former Miss Axustralia, Nicole O’Neil, has just moved back from London with her two little girls, while ex-model Krissy Marsh is still settling back into Sydney life with her family after time spent in Shanghai. We are also introduced to opinionated mother of two Lisa Oldfield; Beauty Expert of Sydney, Matty Samaei; free spirit, AthenaX Levendi; ‘triple threat’ actress model singer, Melissa Tkautz; and entrepreneurial mum, Victoria Rees. Once we have had a sneak peek into their million dollar mansions and lavish lifestyles, the housewives all come together for the first time for a ‘welcome home Nicole’ soiree. It’s all very gorgeous and even civil – to start with.
To see more on the show including extras and recaps, go here:
Episode 2 of 'The Real Housewives of Sydney' airs March 5 at 8.30pm on Arena, and repeats throughout the week, with a new episode every Sunday.

Monday, 27 February 2017


All the Oscars highlights including this year's host Jimmy Kimmel's monologue. Oh, you want to see the Best Picture stuff up? That's HERE.

Wrong Winner Read Out As Best Picture Oscar: VIDEO


The WRONG winners' name was called out at the Oscars just now... it's all Steve Harvey Miss Universe / Sarah Murdoch 'Australia's Next Top Model' style. FOR REAL.

And here are some pics... wow.

Yes, it's true.

It was a monumental live TV fail, with the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards going to the hot favourite movie 'La La Land'... when the movie 'Moonlight' (whispered to be causing an upset but who knew THIS would play out!) was the actual winner.
After reading out the nominations, Hollywood icons Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway opened the envelope and fumbled a tad with it before announcing the Best Picture winner.
While Beatty hesitated a little and seemed a little unsure, he paused and looked at Dunaway, who then glanced down at that all important piece of paper and confidently said: “La La Land”.
The movie's ecstatic producers accepted the award, saying all their thank yous, but then... it was all 'round states of shock (witness Emma Stone's face) when it was revealed the winner was actually 'Moonlight'.
Indeed, Fred Berger, a producer on 'La La Land' was mid-speech... when the chatter happened behind him. Ouchies.
As soon as he cottoned on, Berger said: “We lost by the way, but you know what ...”
Jordan Horowitz, another producer, took over the microphone.
“I’m sorry, no, there’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won Best Picture. This is not a joke. Come on. This is not a joke. I’m afraid they read the wrong thing,” Horowitz said.
GOOD GOD. They're only human. We know.
But we can't wait for Steve Harvey's tweet... :)